Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Wonderful Fiance

I just have to let everyone know how wonderful Brady is. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm not able to spend it with him because he won't be back home until Tuesday. I was sitting in the livingroom today when the doorbell rang...I got up to answer it and when I opened the door a man with long hair and skater clothes (no name tag, logo, nothing) was standing there with a beautiful bouqet of flowers!!! He asked if I was Natalie, and with a puzzled look on my face I answered "yes", and simply asked back..."well who are you?" I was wondering who this strange man was standing at my door with flowers and basically knowing who I was. He laughed and smiled replying..."the delivery guy", he laughed again and had me sign, I was a little caught off guard wondering who would send me flowers, since I thought this odd dressed man might have known me but me having no clue who he was. I thanked the man and closed the door, as I was leaning down to smell them I found a card, they were from Brady wishing me Happy Birthday!!! I just started to cry!!! I couldn't believe that he had sent me flowers while he was in Texas, they made my whole day so much better and I love him very much for it! I was also very grateful to know they were from him and not some weird random guy lol. I just wanna thank you baby and tell you how much I appreciate you and love you and I can't wait for you to be back here with me!!! Do I have a wonderful Fiance or what??!!!

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