Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wow Where Has The Time Gone

Paityn rockin on her hands and knees
Tryin to crawl
Paityn had a long day at the shower
After everyone left I couldn't help myself

She got a bunch of stuff so I'm not giong to post it all
The mommy to be playing the measure my stomache game
Paityn and Aunt Cari
Daddy's idea of helping her get ready for Lauras shower
First time in a highchair.
Out for a girls night in Ogden with Grandma L. and Mom
So tired after her haircut she fell asleep with daddy
Uh Oh...I think she messed up lol
I think that's too much mom
Aunt Mal and Paityn
Paityn before her haircut
The grandkids helping with the candles
Paityn and Grandma on her birthday
In the car headed to Sadies birthday
In February we celebrated Bradys' sister Sadies 14 birthday, his moms birthday and also Paityn turned 6 months!!! We had cake and ice cream for Sadies birthday and got her a gift card to kohls. For Julies birthday we had a suprise party with just the family. We ate at wingers then went back to the house for cake and ice cream. We got her a full body massage and pedicure gift card. For Paityns 6 month we decided to get her hair cut. Aunt Malorie came over to the house and cut it. Paityn was so funny to watch when she was cutting it. She also got her very first tooth. It has been trying to come through for a while but it finally popped through the surface and I tell you what she is a heck of alot happier and that sucker is sharp. She is getting another one right next to it. I also threw a shower for my sister in law Laura who is having their first baby (a boy) on April 6. They couldn't be happier!!! I can't wait for her to have him. It will be so much fun!!
She grabbed her blanket and rolled onto her side

Not quite sure why she wants this so bad,
good thing it's empty
Me and Paityn with my new hair cut and color
Layin on her belly
She sleeps EXACTLY like her dad
Not quite sure what she is doing here but it was dang funny
Paityn and me. She hates that flash
Zonked out after a long day
She is out little monkey so I had to get this outfit
Paityn also turned 5 months in Janurary. She is getting more and more of a personality every day. She laughs at you for laughing at her. She smiles and tries to talk to people who talk to her. She even learned to roll over. She is trying really hard to crawl but she can't figure out how to get her hands and knees to move at the same time. She just sits on them and rocks until she tries to move her hands and her knees fall out from under her. For not bein able to crawl just yet she sure is mobile. If she can't reach something she spins on her stomache and pushes herself backwards across the floor, if that doesn't work she will just roll and roll until she is there. She has also figured out that if she cries mommy will come running (brady says that's gotta stop lol). Her favorite game is to through something on the floor and wait and see how long it will take for you to pick it up and give it to her so she can laugh and through it on the floor again. She is just so much fun and we absolutely just love her to death!!! She is the best thing that has ever happened to both Brady and I.

The train we gave him
Chelsea, Cody and Braxton Law
Chelsea found these cute 1st Birthday mints

Braxton Law. His mom must have taught him well,
he wasn't too sure about just jumping right in.

Paityns cousin Braxton Law turned 1 on January 3. Chelsea and Cody through such a cute party for him. It was so much fun to see how much he has changed. It's cute to watch him and Paityn together cuz she is so interested in him but he doesn't want anything to do with her haha. Chelsea and Cody put together a slide show of his first year and it was so adorable. We had a blast with the whole family laughing and eating cake.

Our New Year
For New Years Eve Brady, Paityn and I just decided to stay home together and watch movies. It was nice just bein the 3 of us. I thought it was a great way to start off 2010!!

Paityns first ornament
Mine and Bradys Christmas ornament
One of Paityns favorite Christmas gifts her hippo
from Aunt Malorie

Brady, Natalie and Paityn Hughes
Christmas 09'

The Hughes family Christmas picture
Me watchin tv and Paityn in her cute little reindeer pjs
I look mad but I was just super tired

The shirt I bought Brady
My cute shirt from Brady
One of Bradys gifts
Picture frame from mom and dad
Our couples full body massage gift cards
Her crawl ball that Brady bought her
Opening her present from mom and dad
New outfit...Yay for clothes
Paityns Funny Pup book
First Christmas with a family
Paityn with her ears pierced

Paityn meeting Santa and Mrs. Clause

WOW!! I can't believe that it is already March. I am not doing so good at keeping things updated so here is a look at what we have been up too starting with December! After Paityns blessing on Dec. 6 came Christmas, it was so much fun to watch her open presents, laugh, and play with all of her toys. We decided to pierce her ears for her 4 month birthday which just happened to land on Christmas day so we ended up doing it on Christmas Eve! She looks even more adorable then she did before.

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  1. Babies are so fun at her age. They are changing and doing so many different things. She is a cutie..