Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's New

Family pic at the zoo
Playin dress up with stuff from her birthday

At the zoo for her birthday
Paityns birthday cake 1 year old
Thanksgiving Day
Playin in the first big snow storm with mom
Pickin pumpkins
Playin with dad
Daddy's idea of getting her dressed lol
Waiting to go to church with grandma
After the fair
Feedin the ducks
Paityn busted playing in the pool

So I know I haven't been very faithful with this whole blogging thing but I figured I would give a little update since I haven't for a while...In the past months, Paityn has turned 1! I know I can't believe it myself, I keep wondering where the time went and I find myself looking back at pictures and loving how much she has grown! She has been walking since about 8 months and is really starting to talk and well!!! She has so much energy and so much personality, she is just such a joy to have around, she is such a wonderful blessing and we love her so so much...we can't picture our lives without her here! Brady is still going to school and is doing wonderful...he only has about 10 months left and then he will graduate, he is always one of the top people in his class and his professors love him! I love reading some of his papers even if I don't understand them because I know he works really hard on them and does a great job! I'm just working and being a mom. I love being a mom, it is definitley the greatest gift ever! I love spending time with Paityn just her and I. She is growing up so fast and it makes me a little sad at times, especially when I have to put her clothes away that don't fit anymore lol. Brady is a wonderful dad as well, they spend so much time together and it's so funny when I have her all she does is call out for her dad, she even picks up the phone and pretends to call him. They definitley have a special bond between them! I'm so greatful for both of them...I'll try to keep updating soon!

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