Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I apologize this post is going to be so long but I have not updated in forever so we will start with this first. Well we moved to Alabama around the first of April...Daphne Alabama to be exact for Bradys job, he is working for Axis Home Automation Company. It's beautiful here, the people are so kind and genuine, everyone waves or says hello. I love our new apartment minus the neighbors next to us (they can get a little loud on weekends). We live by a golf course and have a huge lake in the center of our complex which as only 3 alligators in it lol. They have frogs, turtles, alligators lizards and more. The first day we were here Brady came in from taking the dogs out and woke Paityn up to go look at a baby turtle, she loved it. We caught a baby lizard about a week later with her bug catcher she got from my mom for Easter, she loved it, we named her Lizzie (go figure) and had her for a few days, we didn't have any food for her and I was not about to go out bug hunting and bringing them into my house so we asked Paityn if we could let her go. She was a good sport about it and said her grandma was calling her "lizzie come home for dinner with your mommy and daddy". She has so much fun here! A couple days after letting her lizard go Brady came home from work with a"suprise" it was a baby turtle. Not sure what kind, we are thinking a red eared slider but Paityn absolutely loves it. She named him Marshmallow she feeds him everyday she helped me clean out his tank and she loves just watching him.
Alabama has been so great, minus the missings of our family and friends but it's a great experience. I have met and become friends with a few or the other moms who's husbands work with Brady, Paityn has made some friends herself and her newest and best friend for the moment is Mya she is almost 4 and is such a fun cute little girl. Brady is doing so great as his job and I love being able to stay home with Paityn although I'm sure that will change soon when I need some time by myself lol. It has so far been great out here. The only bad thing that has happened is we have these huge Palmetto bugs I think is what they are called, it's basically just a nice name for cockroach....yep that's right that is the state bug out here talk about YUCK!! Anyways Paityn woke up one day and asked for a drink I groggy walked into the kitchen got her water and put her back to bed, I walked back into my room to use the bathroom when I walked out I gasped so loud Brady jumped out of bed thinking I was being attacked...there right outside my bathroom door was one of those bugs, I kid you not it was the length of my pinky and about a half inch wide, it was disgusting...Brady made me pick it up lol so I used Paityns toy bucket and hurried and picked it up and threw it in the toilet and flushed it. I had noticed however when I went to pick him up that he was injured and then it hit me oh my good hell I stepped on that thing walking into the bathroom...BAREFOOT!!!! Yep that's right, how I didn't notice at the time was probably due to my sleepy eyes and groggyness. Anyways that is hopefully the onlytime we have to deal with those, I'm a very clean person so I know it's not because of that, the neighbor says they have them when it rains alot outside.
I started doing some research online about where we live because I need to know what I got myself into, that and I have alot of time sitting at home during the day. I found out that we are in a hurricane regin, I read that hurricane season starts May 1 and goes until November 30. I pray that we won't have to deal with one of those but Brady and I have been talking and getting lists together to put our 96 hour kits together. The neighbors say it's the best thing to do because you just never know. We live about 45 minutes from Pensecola Florida and about 15 minutes from Mobile Alabama. Not to mention were only an hour and a half from Tennessee and Mississippi. It doens't hurt to be prepared right.
Anyways I will try to keep this update for everyone!!! We love and miss you all!

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